Celebration Cakes

A cheese wedding cake is a fabulous alternative for those looking for something different, and a selection of cheeses stacked on top of each other looks akin to a traditional tiered wedding cake. 

We have a selection of cheeses in different sizes and varieties, and you may wish to choose varieties that match your wedding colours, with ample consideration given to their taste. Your cheese wedding cake will provide a stunning display at your reception. Cheese is often enjoyed after your meal and rich in protein is perfect to be enjoyed with wine or beer, preparing your guests for the evening entertainment ahead.

Naturally, a cheese celebration cake is not solely for weddings and can be a great centrepiece for any celebration. We can create a perfectly composed cake or you can create your own. Please call or send your enquiry and Simon will be glad to offer his expert advice. He can help provide something truly exceptional, recommending varieties which not only taste superb, but which will also complement your wedding or celebration.

Simon – our cheesemonger

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