Scottish Cheddar fit for a king – our recommendation

Scottish Cheddar fit for a king – our recommendation

James Hilton

Cheese is one of those wonderful things that connects landscape, people, history and food. 1057 Scottish Extra Mature Cheddar celebrates those connections, keeping the narrative alive, inviting us to join in and be part of the story.

1057 is premium-quality Scottish Cheddar, from Millbrook Dairy. Made only from Scottish milk from cows that graze the Highlands and Lowlands, it commemorates King McBeth, who was slain on the Aberdeenshire battlefield near Lumphanan in 1057.

Hand selected by Millbrook Dairy’s cheese graders so only the very best Scottish cheddar, made from Scottish milk and expertly made into cheddar will make it into 1057.

The cheddar must be aged for at least 14 months to create just the right firmness and that rugged crumbly texture we so love. After 14 months the flavour develops into a powerful yet subtle balance between full and creamy and bold and punchy, an extra mature cheddar that will keep you chopping at the block.

1057 is a characterful Scottish Cheddar, rich because of where it is from and how it is made. A commanding cheese that stands out, a real piece of cheese fit for a real King. Excellent for cooking and baking, why not try this fabulous cheese crumble. Although our personal favourite is a large chunk and a dollop of Mrs Bridges Chutney for Cheese on a thick Orkney Oatcake, yum!