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TASTE: This mature cheddar has been aged for at least 14 months to create just the right firmness and that rugged crumbly texture we so love.

ABOUT 1057: In the year 1057 upon a cold stone, King MacBeth lost his head. MacBeth knew his lands well, he travelled the verdant fertile glens and plains, and he sailed the rugged coast to see his subjects and enjoyed the very best of Scottish produce, the finest local cheese. Cheese is one of those wonderful things that connects landscape, people, history and food. 1057 Scottish Extra Mature Cheddar celebrates those connections, keeping the narrative alive.

QUALITY: 1057 Scottish cheddar is hand selected by our cheese graders so only the very best Scottish cheddar, made from Scottish milk and expertly made into cheddar will make it into 1057 brand.

INSPIRATION: Use it in your cooking, your snacks or just on its own with a glass of something strong!

WEIGHT: 1.25 kg