$21.00 USD

TASTE: Sweet and delicate air-dried Spanish ham

ABOUT: Casedemont: Casedemont started making fuet and other sausages in a small workshop in the mid-20th century, and have always worked to maintain a balance between tradition and innovation. Thanks to this tandem, today they offer the products that best suit your needs, with the usual flavour and quality. Casedemont is now part of the Costa Food Group.

QUALITY: This famous Spanish air cured ham is interleaved and sliced in wafer thin pieces. Sweet delicate slices free from gluten and authentically Spanish

INSPIRATION: these slices can be enjoyed to bring flavour to stews or soups. Casedemont Jamon Serrano is great value and can be wrapped around fish or meat; our personal favourite s when they are used for Tostados

WEIGHT: 0.5 kg