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TASTE: Colliers Powerful Cheddar is carefully aged and selected to ensure an extraordinary taste sensation and will always posses the distinctive long powerful and slightly sweet taste that sets it apart from other cheddars.

ABOUT COLLIERS: Collier's was founded in 2004. Made to a single recipe and created on firm principles: to deliver the finest quality cheddar cheese, with a distinctive, long and powerful taste.

The idea for the Colliers brand was sparked by Waless proud industrial heritage. Colliers Powerful Cheddars characteristics are those of the Welsh coal miners: reliability, power and integrity. Cheese was an important part of the minersdiet. Colliers founders grandfather was a miner. As a child our founder was struck by the strength of the mining community and the sense of camaraderie from the miners who worked in such harsh, dangerous conditions.

QUALITY: Colliers Powerful Extra Mature Cheddar made with 100% Welsh milk and has a distinct texture, open, slightly crumbly, yet smooth and creamy in the mouth. Unusually, it contains tantalising "crunchy bits" which are actually calcium lactate grains that develop during maturation and are evidence of the cheese’s high quality.

INSPIRATION: Use it in your sandwiches and ploughmans lunch or try it cooked, one of our particular favourites being Welsh Rarebit

WEIGHT: 2.5 kg