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TASTE: Delightful and delicious turmeric yellow squares of crisp crunchy yumminess. Speckled with cumin, black pepper, flashes of red chillies and charming chilled ginger.

ABOUT Cradoc’s Savoury Biscuits: Cradocs bakery is owned by Allie Thomas, Chief Cracker Muncher and run by baker-lady and cracker-packer woman power, wind and wave energy! They’ve been baking crackers for 12 years and don’t bake anything else, and we think they have perfected the Craft.

QUALITY: Cradoc’s are made in a SALSA certified bakery – that means it is very, very clean and you can trust Cradoc’s bake to the best standards. Cradocs is part of the Fine Food Cluster, Wales Food and Drink and bake with passion in their purpose built bakery in Brecon, Mid-Wales.

INSPIRATION: We all love a bit of ginger at Great British Trading and these crackers with Ginger Spice cheese from Snowdonia Cheese company are a huge hit, with a smattering of freshly grated ginger on top, if you fancy ginger overload.

WEIGHT: 0.08 kg