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TASTE: A Norwegian speciality Mixed whey cheese made with goats milk and cows cream. The cheese is made from a mixture of cow and goat milk. The taste is round, Norwegian sweet and caramel like. The goat's milk gives the cheese extra depth, without it being too distinct. 

ABOUT Tine: TINE SA is Norway's largest producer, distributor and exporter of dairy products with 11,400 members (owners) and 9,000 cooperative farms. The milk farmers who are members and supply the milk, also own TINE. It is the farmers milk deliveries that form the basis for running TINE cooperatively. Their goal being to provide the consumers with food that provides a healthier and positive food experience.

QUALITY: TINE® Gudbrandsdal cheese is the original brown cheese, with a history dating back to 1863. Brown cheese (Brunost) is almost unique to Norway: made from the whey that is normally discarded by cheesemakers. The whey is heated slowly with milk until it starts to turn to caramel, which gives the brown cheese its distinctive sweet taste.

INSPIRATION: The cheese is perfect as a spread on bread, crispbread and waffles. It elevates the flavors of sauces and stews, and is the perfect topping for oatmeal. This speciality from Norway was enjoyed by Si and Dave and can be seen on the 'Hairy Bikers' bakeation in Norway

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