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TASTE: Gorwydd Caerphilly is described as 'three cheeses in one' with an edible mushroom tasting rind followed by a creamy breakdown layer leading into the soft crumbly delicate centre.

ABOUT Gorwydd Caerphilly: Gorwydd Caerphilly is hand-made by the family cheesemakers, Todd and Maugan Trethowan. Gorwydd Caerphilly is handmade using raw (unpasteurised) milk. The Trethowan brothers use reclaimed Victorian presses to press the cheeses into shape, and allow them to ripen for longer than most of Caerphilly's - between 2-3 months which allows the texture and flavours to develop

QUALITY: Gorwydd Caerphilly is handmade to a traditional recipe, using the organic, unpasteurised milk from a single herd. During the Caerphilly maturing process, every Gorwydd round has to be turned daily to ensure even maturing and in particular, an even development of the soft, velvety rind. Gorwydd Caerphilly has been regularly awarded Gold and Super Gold at the World Cheese Awards, and has been voted Best British Cheese. This quarter wheel averages 1kg in weight and minimum 950g.

INSPIRATION: Gorwydd Caerphilly is one of our favourite cheeses and its great with a Herefordshire cider. This Caerphilly continues to receive high ratings in the Great Taste Awards and we are confident you will not be disappointed.

WEIGHT: 1.0 kg