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TASTE: Eggs are considered a superfood given their numerous health benefits. Coco Vite have already removed the egg yolk keeping it healthy saving you time, hassle, and wastage. With no cholesterol in liquid egg white, they can be a great addition to your daily food intake.

ABOUT Coco Vite Company: Coco Vite has been offering a wide range of high-quality egg products since 1992. They specialise in the development of egg products which are able to fulfil customer's most specific expectations. Liquid egg products from Coco Vite are a go-to brand for our customers in food service and hospitality, as well for home baking use.

QUALITY: Pasteurised and easy to dose 30ml or 25g, equivalent to 1 egg white. With a longer shelf life these egg whites have a shelf life of 4-6 weeks when refrigerated. Ready to use, just shake well, then pour.

INSPIRATION: Supplied in 1kg cartons equivalent to ± 40 egg whites and provides perfect texture and colour to your recipes. Perfect for meringues, cakes, soufflés and puddings.

WEIGHT: 1.0 kg