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TASTE: Lurpak Spreadable portions contains a few simple ingredients transformed into greatness. To make Lurpak® Spreadable Slightly Salted we start our recipe with Lurpak® butter made from 100% fresh milk and a pinch of salt. But we know you like to have your Lurpak® ready straight from the fridge! So, to make that possible and ensure this is so, we add some rapeseed oil and just enough water.

ABOUT Lurpak: Lurpak® is produced at the Arla Foods dairy “Holstebro Smør” in the Jutlandian town of Holstebro. Lurpak® is sold worldwide. Genuine excellence and flavour are hard-earned qualities. Registered on 23 October 1901 as the trademark for quality Danish butter, the 'Lurmark' can still be seen on Lurpak® today. The trademark features two entwined 'lurs' - Bronze Age musical instruments that have become symbols of Denmark.

QUALITY: Lurpak butter from Arla from 1911, only dairies adhering to a rigorous system of regular blind tastings could use the 'Lurmark' Danish Butter brand. These quality controls are still practised today. In fact, our dairy has to submit samples to a panel of independent experts every week. Good food deserves nothing less. The 'Lurmark' and Lurpak® brands are owned by the Danish Dairy Board.

INSPIRATION: Whether its toast, baguette, sourdough, crackers - get ready! Lurpak® Spreadable Slightly Salted is always on hand to turn your simple sandwiches into something glorious. Perfect 8 g portion size and individually wrapped for freshness, ideal for picnics and celebrations, Lurpak® Spreadable Slightly Salted that spreads straight from the fridge. The distinctive, creamy, delicate, and fresh taste of Lurpak®, but spreadable!

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