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TASTE: Rock Star has a savoury aroma with delicately complex notes, while its texture is incredibly smooth and irresistibly creamy with the occasional crunchy crystal – a highly desirable characteristic of aged cheeses. On the palate, its complex, umami flavours are as deep as the caverns it is aged in, and it finishes with sweet, caramel notes and a savoury tang with a long finish.

ABOUT SNOWDONIA: Luxurious and award-winning producer. Beautifully and carefully crafted using fresh quality ingredients from Snowdonia, in the North of Wales.

QUALITY: Crafted by expert cheesemakers using a very special recipe and profile, only the finest cheese is selected to be transferred deep into the caves. Once there, it completes its 18-month maturation in sealed slate chambers for the optimum development of the Cheddar’s distinctive flavour and characteristics.

INSPIRATION: Snowdonia Cheese Company’s first ever vintage cave-aged Cheddar, matured in Welsh slate caverns in the heart of Snowdonia is perfect with a glass of real ale and crumbled onto a Cradocs Sea Salted cracker.

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