It’s Valentine’s Day, one for all you lovers out there, and when we say lovers, we mean cheese lovers too.

When thinking of a romantic Valentine’s evening, you may already be having cheesy thoughts. Candles, wine and a cheese box set maybe? However, here at Great British Trading, our cheese box set is a little different from the standard Netflix RomCom. We are so madly and deeply in love with cheese, the only cheese box set we will be watching are the ones we are sending out with love from our warehouse. Just call us cupid!

We are proud to supply and manufacture a large range of quality cheeses for our cheese box set selection this Valentine’s Day. As Great Britain is home to some of the most delicious and dairy loving produce, we want to showcase all the charming cheeses to include in your cheese box set to share (or not) this Valentine’s Day, proving just how ‘great’ Britain truly is.

When it comes to manufacturing our own cheese to include in our Valentine’s Day  cheese box set you’d think we would crumble under the pressure. However, instead of having a total melt-down, we have produced a strong contender. And when we say strong here at Great British Trading, we’re talking mature cheddar strong - now that’s a love that shows strength!

Speaking of strength, here’s our top British cheeses for all you lovers out there to pack into your  cheese box set to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the most romantic way possible:

  1. Our very own love: Great British Cheddar, made from quality British ingredients, extra mature
  2. A brave Scottish stud: 1057, Millbrook Dairy’s Extra Mature Scottish Cheddar, inspired by a King
  3. One to behold: Snowdonia Truffle Trove, part of our Regal British cheese box set, a perfectly British gourmet cheese to share
  4.  Applewood Smoky Vegan Cheese, for those in a bad romance with dairy
  5. Shorrocks Traditional Lancashire Cheese Bomb, exploding with love and strong British flavour


Why not pair one (or all) of these in your cheese box set with our perfect accompaniments? After all, everyone deserves a good match for Valentine’s Day. Here are our team’s favourite love affairs: 


We could Brie here all Valentine’s Day filling up your cheese box set, so how about a ready made box set suggestion to cheese the pain and heartache? 

We’ve hand selected a range of cheese box sets but our favourite selection to share this month is our 1057 Mature Cheddar hamper. The king of cheeses, matched with Mrs Bridges. Now that’s romantic!

In fact, we are delighted to bring together all of our best sellers to create the perfect match for your cheese box set, we even sell outside of the box with our celebration cakes. Do we hear wedding bells?


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