It’s National Cheese Day, our favourite day of the year here at Great British Trading. Cheese making is an ancient craft that predates recorded history. It is speculated that the magic of cheese making began somewhere around 8000 BCE. Who knew? Well, we did, (because we are obsessed), so much so we have taken it upon ourselves to perfect our very own UK cheeses.  

At Great British Trading we are proud to supply and manufacture a range of quality UK cheeses. Great Britain is home to some of the most iconic produce, so this National Cheese Day we want to showcase new, weird and wonderful UK cheeses, proving just how ‘great’ Britain truly is.

You’d think when it comes to manufacturing our own UK cheeses that we would crumble under the pressure of all the other quintessential UK cheeses out there. However, instead of having a melt-down, we produced a strong contender. And when we say strong, we’re talking mature cheddar strong.

With strength in mind, here’s our top UK cheeses to celebrate National Cheese Day:

  1. Our very own Great British Cheddar, Extra Mature, made from quality British ingredients
  2. 1057 Extra Mature Scottish Cheddar, one of our UK cheeses of the month, inspired by a King


  1. Snowdonia Truffle Trove, part of our Jubilee hamper available, celebrating UK cheeses fit for a Queen
  2. Applewood Smoky Vegan Cheese, for those who need strength in dairy-free UK cheeses
  3. Shorrocks Traditional Lancashire Cheese Bomb, exploding with traditional British flavour


Why not pair one (or all) of these UK cheeses with our perfect accompaniments? After all, it is a national celebration! Here’s our team’s favourites: 

You could Brie here all day deciding on UK cheeses and accompaniments, so how about a hamper suggestion to cheese the pain? 

All our top UK cheeses are available in hampers. Our favourite hamper here at GBT is our 1057 Mature Cheddar hamper. The king of UK cheeses accompanied by Mrs Bridges. What a pair!

In fact, we are delighted to bring together all of our best sellers in UK cheeses, to create the perfect celebration gifts. So much so, we even sell cheese celebration cakes with blocks and layers of  UK cheeses!



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