It’s the cheesiest time of the year... The fire is lit, the company is lit and heck, even the cheese fondue is lit. We don’t know about you, but here at GBT we believe Christmas isn’t really Christmas without cheese. So whether you're choosing your Christmas cheese hamper in the UK or you're in the Highlands shopping for the best Scottish cheese sets for Christmas, we’ve got you covered.

Here at Great British Trading we’re proud to supply and manufacture a range of quality British cheeses to bring you the jolliest of cheese sets for Christmas. As Great Britain is home to some of the most delicious produce, we want to share our finest Christmas cheese hamper UK selections with you to enjoy and prove just how ‘great’ Britain truly is this Christmas. So whether you're looking for a Rock Star to entertain your Christmas guests, or you want some smoked Cheddar to get you in the mood for burning logs, we’ve got you covered. 

If you enjoy British traditions like stocking up on cheese sets for Christmas, then you’ll be sure to enjoy our team’s favourite Christmas cheese hamper UK, the Snowdonia Cheese Slate, overflowing with luxurious and award-winning Welsh cheese and Christmas flavours, including:

  • Snowdonia Black Bomber, an award-winning extra mature Cheddar loved for its immense depth of flavour and smooth, creamy texture
  • Snowdonia Beechwood, a naturally smoked and luxurious cheddar
  • Snowdonia Ruby Mist, a mature cheddar with Port and Brandy flavours

Find us flavours more Christmassy… We dare you! British cheese, packed with seasonal aromas, all wrapped up and ready to go for the perfect Christmas cheese hamper UK.

When it comes to manufacturing our own British cheese for the most wonderful time of the year, you may expect us to crumble under the pressure like a well matured Cheddar. But, instead of having a complete melt-down, we actually went ahead and produced a well matured cheddar. One strong enough to even take on a Scottish king. And when we say strong enough, we’re talking really mature, like old Saint Nick himself. 

With strength in mind, here’s our top Christmas cheese hamper UK suggestions to pack a punch under your tree this Christmas:

  1. Our English Cheese Gift Hamper, with our very own Great British Cheddar, extra mature, made from quality British ingredients and accompanied by good old fashioned quality British produce, including Tracklements Caramelised Onion Marmalade
  2. Our Scottish Cheese Gift Hamper with 1057 Extra Mature Cheddar, hand selected and inspired by a Scottish King, making ones royal appearance next to Mrs Bridges Chutney for Cheese


  1. Snowdonia Black Bomber Cheddar Hamper, award winning Welsh cheese adored for its immense depth of flavour and smooth, creamy texture, ready to demolish with Stockans Thin Orkney Oatcakes


Though when it comes to strength, it seems we’ve forgotten the key ingredient to a jolly holiday… a fine wine. Why not pair one (or all) of our cheese sets for Christmas with a large glass of red or a cheeky tipple of Port? It’s the holidays after all. 

You could Brie here all Christmas deciding on a fine wine to add to the mix, so how about our top Christmas cheese hamper UK suggestion to cheese the pain? 

Say Merry Christmas (and chin-chin) to our Cheese and Wine Hamper, with thunderous award winning Welsh Cheddars and some of our most popular accompaniments. And the best part, making this one of our top cheese sets for Christmas is of course the Rioja Vega, a fine, fruity wine with hints of oak from barrel ageing. Does it get any merrier than that this Christmas?

Well actually, if you prefer that cheeky tipple of Port, then yes! We even have a Christmas cheese hamper UK with Port, (Churchills Reserve to be exact). Now that’s a merry Christmas!


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