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Gone are the days where artisan cheese is hard to come by, thanks to us! Our online shop has not only made it possible, but ridiculously easy to buy artisan cheese online. 

What is artisan cheese?
Artisan cheese is given a lot more care and attention than mass produced cheese, as a result of this love and devotion towards its production, artisan cheese tends to have a more complex flavour profile. It’s usually made by hand and in small batches, giving it a more exclusive feel. You also won’t ever find artificial ingredients, additives or preservatives in an artisan cheese.

And now you can buy artisan cheese online!

Despite the exclusivity and small handmade batches, Great British Trading has a range of artisan cheeses available to buy online - we’ve got you covered!

Vacherin, Mont D’or


Produced in the North of France, near to the Swiss border. This deliciously nutty cheese is made from unpasteurised cows’ milk and can be made from only two breeds of mountain cow. Further to its exclusivity, it can only be produced in the winter months when these cows feed on natural hay - fancy! If you’re looking to buy artisan cheese online, then this is the one for you. Transport yourself to a little moment of apres ski and bake it in the oven, dipping in crusty bread or boiled potatoes with some sliced charcuterie on the side. A lovely redcurrant jelly would be an ideal accompaniment to cut through the richness of this cheese.

Reblochon de Savoie AOP au lait cru




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