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TASTE: This exquisite cheese is strong, rich and pungent, with a nutty earthy taste. This is one of the only French cheeses that could be enjoyed using a spoon.

ABOUT Vacherin: This cheese is aged 6-8 weeks and is produced in the mountainous Jura region of France. When made, the cheese weighs approximately 450g and is kept in a wooden box made of spruce, which stops the cheese oozing out everywhere, as it can be very runny when ripe. If you are treated to a ripe Mont d’Or, eat it straight out of the box.

QUALITY: Mont D'or is only available September to March because there are strict rules for this AOC cheese. The raw milk can only be from the cows of the Montbéliard and Simmentaler breeds.

INSPIRATION: Mont d'Or can be baked in the box it comes in, or can be enjoyed cold. Our personal favourite when baking is to slice open in the centre and insert rosemary and garlic, drizzle with some good quality olive oil and then bake in the oven for around fifteen minutes.

WEIGHT: 0.45 kg