Tete de Moine is a unique and delicious Swiss cheese that is often found in luxury cheese gift baskets. This cheese is made from the fresh, raw milk of cows that graze in the Swiss Alps. It has a unique texture and flavour, with a sweet, nutty flavour and a creamy texture. The cheese is made by hand, and is aged for several months before it is ready to be enjoyed. It is a favourite among cheese lovers and makes a great addition to any holiday cheese gift basket. The name comes from the former Bellelay monastery in the Swiss Jura mountains.where the Monks of the Bellelay Monastery made up this cheese many hundred years ago. The cheese was renamed Tête de Moine after the French Revolution. Tête de Moine literally means "monks head".

We are proud to supply and manufacture a range of quality items for our holiday cheese gift baskets selections. Great Britain is home to some of the most delicious and iconic produce, but we also want to showcase all the new, weird and wonderful cheeses from around the world to include in your  holiday cheese gift box.


We Swiss you the best in creating your holiday cheese basket. Just to make sure you’re on the right slope, here are some more world cheeses to inspire you :

  1. This Norwegian speciality  Gjetost Gudbrandsdalen Norwegian Brown Cheese
  2. Vacherin Mont d'Or is exquisite, strong, rich and pungent
  3. Galbani Crema Bel Paese Cheese semi-soft cheese is similar to mozzarella and served in 25x24g portions
  4. Manchego Cheese from Maese Miguel with its sweet fruity flavour and hints of nuttiness


Why not pair one (or all) of these in your holiday cheese gift box with our perfect accompaniments? After all, we’re here to celebrate the holidays! Here are our team’s favourites: 


We have a wonderful selection of cheese from around the world, we hope you’re as fondue them as we are.

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